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Your next journey starts here.

Heal Through Balance provides Advanced Myofascial Therapy & Bodywork services to address underlying blockages and restore balance to your body.



Tuesday-Thursday: 9am-6pm

Friday & Saturday: 10am-5pm

free parking is directly in the front entrance


What to expect:

Assessment and treatment for blockages in the body. This can include deep tissue massage, manual therapy, assisted stretching, pH balancing.

Get relief from:

headache & migraines

back, neck & shoulder pain


sprains & strains


pre/post operation

arm numbness

muscle tightness & spasms

fluid restriction



frozen shoulder

& more

What is fascia?

Fascia is a sensory organ of connective tissue that surrounds muscle tissue, bones, organs, nerves and blood vessels. It looks like a spider web underneath our skin and inside of our body. On a microscopic level, the web-like strains are mainly comprised of water. This is why hydration is important and why you want your muscles to 'slide and glide'. When waste builds up in certain areas of the muscle - due to stress, injury, surgery, chemicals, repetitive motions; it inhibits the neuromuscular response and the nerve function. By stimulating new nerve receptors, mobility is improved and pain levels decrease.


Myofascial Therapy

A session consists of combined therapeutic techniques to relieve muscular restrictions, help exercise recovery and improve mobility.

 This includes manual therapy, therapeutic massage & bodywork, nerve flossing, integrative muscular movement technique, mind to body connections, assisted/passive stretching, cupping therapy, fascia scraping, sports massage therapy.

Massage Table

Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetism is a gentle, bio-energetic treatment that brings your body back to its equilibrium state. By getting rid of these blockages, it allows the body's natural response to heal itself. This improves circulation, neural toxicity and

decreases inflammation.

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