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The answer to relieving
Body Pain & Inflammation

Biomagnetic Therapy in Atlanta, GA


Identifying and neutralizing alkaline & acidic points within the body. These points may cause pain, muscle tightness, illness, headaches, allergies, etc. Also can be used during a massage to help flush inflammation and bring back mobility to the affected area(s).

The magnetic field surrounds our bodies and creates our internal body's circulation system. When the field is distorted or imbalanced from EMF exposures, environmental toxins, traumatic injuries, surgeries, etc. it stops the energetic charge in certain areas of the tissues. Our bodies are made of an electric charge in the nervous system. If the charge is continuously affected it becomes difficult for proper circulation to go into the area. Over time, for example those with old injuries that are not addressed; the body takes record of this and creates reservoirs. Typically in those reservoirs it becomes susceptible to pain, chronic muscle tightness, allergies, pathogenic infections. That is why pain can be reoccurring if not addressed, or if you are sick and feel the "old injuries" bother you again. If you have tried everything to address muscular pain or discomfort that just doesn't seem to go away, this treatment is recommended. The therapeutic treatment is applied with medium-intensity magnets to the imbalanced areas. These areas are tested through kinesiology muscle testing. By allowing the electric charge to come back to a neutralized state, this assists your self healing process.

This treatment is great for chronic/acute pain and fluid restrictions including weight loss. Wherever you may be holding excess inflammation or fluid, the magnetic charge encourages this process by neutralizing the body's internal environment. When the pH environment is balanced, the neural toxins in the tissue no longer can thrive in the new balanced state. If you have tried everything before, and you are not seeing results, this can be your answer. Massage therapy works really well for some people right away, but others need more assistance to encourage the lymph movement. By using this treatment as extra assistance to your natural detox process, results come within a few sessions.

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